Since its creation in 2019, the ROC team has financed its research personnel and infrastructure with
3 613 990 €, with this budget breakdown.

On-going research projects

ANR HEIDIS – 2022-2025. PI: Stefano Secci

ANR COCO5G – 2023-2026. PI: Françoise Sailhan, Stefano Secci

ANR INTELLIGENTSIA – 2020-2024. PI: Stéphane Rovedakis

ANR PARFAIT – 2022-2025. PI: Françoise Sailhan.

PIA/AMI-5G INFLUENCE – 2022-2025. PI: Selma Boumerdassi.

PIA/AMI-5G ENE5AI – 2022-2024. PI: Pedro Braconnot Velloso.

ANR COMMITS- 2024-2028. PI: Samia Bouzefrane.

ANR GNADIS – 2023-2026. Coordinator: Samia Bouzefrane.

CHIST-ERA GRAPH4SEC – 2024-2027. PI: Stefano Secci.

IE6 – 2024-2027. PI: Sami Taktak.

Industrial contracts

Standardization activities




sec&perf brigade

Past research projects

H2020 AI@EDGE – 2021-2023.
ANR MAESTRO5G – 2019-2022

ANR CANCAN – 2019-2022

COST Action. 2016-2021

ANR. 2008-2011

FP7. 2011-2012

ANR MURPHY. 2010-2013

Related posts 

IE6: new project on Internet of Edge for 6G

In partnership with Green Communications, Thales, Université Paris Saclay, Smile, Comu Systems and Sorbonne Université (SU), the IE6 project aims to test and evaluate an architecture for 6G. The architecture is made up of nodes that can be adapted by

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AI4CI – new European project on Artificial Intelligence for Connected Industries

We are coordinating AI4CI, a new project to create a research-oriented European master on AI applications to connected industries belonging to the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL). The goal of the project is to deploy a new master on AI application

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GRAPHS4SEC – new European project on AI/ML-driven security applications

A new European project, GRAPH4SEC (Graph Neural Networks for Robust AI/ML-driven Network Security Applications) is accepted to start in fall 2023 and last 3 years. GRAPHS4SEC consortium is coordinated by AIT (Pedro Casas), and includes UPC (Pere Barlet, Alberto Cabellos

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COMMITS – new ANR project on intelligent transportation systems

A new ANR project, COMMITS (COnverged coMMunication, control and scheduling Infrastructure for multi pods-based Transport Systems) is accepted to start in fall 2023 and last 4 years. COMMITS consortium is coordinated by LORIA, and includes CRAN and URBANLOOP besides CNAM-CEDRIC-ROC.

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6G-IA membership

The CNAM is now member of the European 6G-IA Association, starting 2023, leveraging on ROC team involvement in European projects. About the 6G IA The 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association (6G-IA) is the voice of European Industry and

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INFLUENCE: new industrial project on Intent Based Networking in 5G

The French prime minister has signed today the funding for a new collaborative industrial research project funded by European Recovery Plan: INFLUENCE. In partnership with Nokia (coordinator), Orange, Montimage and Univ. Gustave-Eiffel, PSHA, Augmented Acustics, we will work toward the

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CoCo5G: new ANR project on 4G-to-5G transition network data analytics

The ROC team is involved in the new ANR project called CoCo5G, in collaboration with Thales (coordinator), Orange, Inria and IMDEA networks. The project is about the analysis of the transition period from 4G to 5G architectures and will draw

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CANCAN-MAESTRO5G final workshop – June 29, 2022

The closing workshop of the ANR CANCAN and ANR MAESTRO5G projects takes place at Cnam on June 29, 2022. The program is at this page. Attendance is free.

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Open Ph.D. and postdoc positions

The CNAM-CEDRIC Networks and IoT Systems research group hires between 3 and 4 Ph.D. candidates and/or postdoc in the following topics.  Master thesis/internship on these topics can also start with the possibility to continue in a PhD. Topics Low-Earth Orbit

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Internship opportunity on IoB computing

Period: as soon as possible, starting March or April 2022. Topic:From Internet of Behaviors to Internet of Emotions Internet of Behaviors (IoB) is an emerging area of research. “The Internet of Behaviors is an area of research and development (R&D)

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ENE5AI : nouveau projet lauréat de l’appel “Solutions souveraines pour les réseaux de télécommunication”

L’équipe ROC du Cnam a obtenu le projet ENE5AI: Le projet « ENE5AI » en partenariat avec Gandi (coordinateur), l’Afnic, Alter Way, Amarisoft, Atos, Celeste, Cesames, CityPassenger, le CNAM, EDF, Fives, Green Communications, NewGeneration, Suez, Théia energy, Université Paris Saclay, Sorbonne

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HEIDIS & PARFAIT: new ANR research projects

The ROC team was awarded two new research grants from the National Research Agency (ANR): HEIDIS (HiErarchIcal DIsaggregated Scheduling for beyond-5G networks): the project will work on novel hierarchical scheduling algorithms and smart network cards making surface in virtualized radio

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ROC high-end experimental lab

Thanks to a donation from Oxeva we could recently set up an extension of the computing and networking facility of the ROC team. We got new data-center-grade servers, among which two powerful high reliable Dell industrial chassis, and switches and

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AI@EDGE – new H2020 project on network automation

We are happy to announce the ROC team will be part of a new H2020 5GPPP project, named AI@EDGE: A secure and reusable Artificial Intelligence platform for Edge computing in beyond 5G Networks. The project will work toward the design and

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New research contracts with Orange

The ROC team is launching three new industrial contracts with Orange Labs to perform collaborative research in the following topics:– design and experimentation of a new network automation framework and related algorithms;– definition of cybersecurity measures for edge computing infrastructures;–

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INTELLIGENTSIA – new ANR project funded, on IoT access network automation

The ROC team was awarded of a new collaborative research project, starting soon, named INTELLIGENTSIA (INTelligent Edge using Learning Loops & Information GEneration for NeTwork State Inference-based Automation). We will work with the coordinator Orange Labs (research group on network

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ETSI STF 543 – new specifications released

The ROC team is active within the Specialist Task Force (STF) 543, “User centric approach in the digital ecosystem”, of the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute). The task force works on digital service management and interface specification, with a special

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ANR MAESTRO-5G – new project started

The kick-off of the new ANR project MAESTRO-5G took place on Feb. 5, 2019, at Orange Labs. The project is about the definition and evaluation of novel resource allocation and slice orchestration algorithms for 5G infrastructures. The project is coordinated

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Orange – Cnam: lancement du contrat cadre

Orange Labs et l’équipe ROC du Cedric, Cnam, viennent de lancer un contrat-cadre quinquennal facilitant la mise en place de collaborations pour 2019-2023, sous la forme de thèses CIFRE et contrats de recherche bilatéraux. Deux thèse ROC-Orange viennent d’être lancées

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ANR CANCAN: new project started

The kick-off meeting of the new ANR CANCAN project took place in Jan. 9, 2019, at Thales Gennevilliers.  The project will work on the design and data-driven evaluation of new AI and machine learning algorithms and related network protocols and architectures for

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