The ROC team was awarded of a new collaborative research project, starting soon, named INTELLIGENTSIA (INTelligent Edge using Learning Loops & Information GEneration for NeTwork State Inference-based Automation).

We will work with the coordinator Orange Labs (research group on network automation), Acklio (an SME expert on IoT access protocols), Aguila (an SME expert in IoT device design) and Inria Rennes (experts in IoT modeling) on the design of a network automation framework and related algorithms for IoT access networks, with a particular focus on LoRA.

The ROC team contribution will be in particular focused on the definition of a machine learning framework to determine IoT infrastructure stack state in runtime hence instrumenting re-orchestration of the NFV-IoT infrastructure components.

Project website

INTELLIGENTSIA – new ANR project funded, on IoT access network automation
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