Permanent staff

  1. Eric Gressier-Soudan. Professor.
  2. Pedro Braconnot Velloso, Associate Professor.
  3. Pierre Paradinas. Professor.
  4. Sami Taktak. Associate Professor.
  5. Samia Bouzefrane. Professor.
  6. Selma Boumerdassi.  Associate Professor, HDR.
  7. Stefano Secci, Professor. Head
  8. Stéphane Rovedakis. Associate Professor.
  9. Tatiana Aubonnet. Associate Professor. HDR


  1. Chi-Dung Phung, on 5G experimental platforms. 
  2. Naresh Modina, on network resource allocation and AI.
  3. Patient Ntumba, on in-network online learning.

Ph.D. candidates 

  1. Nour El Houda Yellas, on orchestration protocols in edge computing.
  2. Yulliwas Ameur, on homomorphic encryption and machine learning.
  3. Christophe Maudoux, on mobile botnet anomaly detection.
  4. Yacine Anser (with Orange), on trust and liability in edge computing.
  5. Mustapha Kamal Benramdane on contextual orchestration.
  6. Lydia Ouaili, (with Trasna Solutions) on self-sovereign identity management.
  7. Mario Patetta, on programmable network data-plane systems.
  8. Kautar Sadouki, on intent-oriented computing.
  9. Tayssir Ismail (cotutelle with Manouba Univ. & Inria), on security in VANETs.
  10. Victorien Romain (with Orange), on serverless network function orchestration.
  11. Rezak Aziz, on Quantum Differential Privacy on chip.
  12. Anh Khoa Dang (with Ericsson), on sustainability of 6G communications.
  13. Ahmed Mehdi Boudjelli (with Orange), on intent-based networking and zero-touch management.
  14. Kilian Cressant, on distributed machine learning for closed-loop automation.

Network/system engineers

  1. Salah Ali Bin-Ruba, on machine learning for network automation.
  2. Davide Raimondi, on experimental platform management.
  3. Masoud Baharlouei, on network automation platform

Project Manager

  1. Joaquin Bayona, on project management.

Adjunct members

  • Soumya Banerjee, Adjunct Researcher (Trasna Solutions)
  • Prosper Chemouil, Adjunct Researcher.

External co-advised Ph.D. candidates 

  1. Hamaciré El Hadj Kalil (ESMT), on vehicular network security.
  2. Ismail Haddad (Univ. Skikda), on IoT and vehicular sensing.
  3. Imène El-Taani (USTHB, Alger) on Deep Reinforcement Learning based placement in the Cloud.

Research interns

  • 2023: Imed Eddine Boukari (ESI), Ihab Abderrahmane Derdouha (ESI), Idriss Hamzaoui (ESI), Hussein Hamdouna (Cnam), Jeongku Choi (Cnam), Maritzabel Del Pozo (SU), SROUR Ali (Cnam), KAYANI Moheed Ali (Cnam), GUEMDANI Moussa (Cnam), ZHANG Haoxuan (Cnam), Fatemeh Salmaniseyedmahalle (Cnam), Zifeng ZHANG (Cnam).
  • 2022: Augustin Clero, Ali Awarkeh, David Kule Mukuhi, Zifeng Zhang, Zisen Xu, Farnaz Ebrahimishad, Hussein Khalil, Ali Marwa (Cnam); Rezak Aziz(ESI), Saloua Bouabba(ESI), Lilia Mezani(ESI), Leticia Sadi(ESI), Céline Serbouh (ESI).
  • 2021: Raphael Tetu (ESIEA), Mario Patetta (POLIMI), Corentin Lanousse-Malhene (ISEP), Lydia Ouaili, Yaniss Khima (IUT de Cachan), Charles Yazbeck (ESIEE), Haddouti Yasmine (SU), Sheadeh Fadi (SU).
  • 2020: Eugenio Cortesi (POLIMI), Mourya Gonchi Keshava (POLIMI), Alexandre Thomas (ESIEE), Weiquiang Zhang (ESIEE), Maria Isabella Viola (POLIMI), Laiza De Lara (ISEP/UFP).
  • 2019: Giulia Bissoli (POLIMI), Davide Aureli (Univ. Rome I – La Sapienza), Federico Lavatori (POLIMI), Jamal Ammouri (Cnam), Luong Vuong Son (Cnam), Said Haddoudi (Cnam), Maya Adjaz (Dauphine).

Team management responsibilities

  • Private cloud management: Mario Patetta, Chi-Dung Phung
  • New members arrival management: Razan Mhanna, Christophe Maudoux
  • Office space management: Kilian Cressant, Kamal Benramadane
  • Web services and publications management: Patient Ntumba
  • Hardware management: Lydia Ouaili


  • Alessandro Aimi
    • Ph.D. 2020-2023. Now Assistant Professor at Università di Bologna.
  • Kiranpreet Kaur
    • Ph.D. 2020-2023. Now R&D engineer at Dassault Systems.
  • Guilherme Iecker Ricardo
    • Postdoc 2023. Now Associate Professor at INP Toulouse.
  • José Lopez Esteves
    • Ph.D. 2023, on communications security, now expert at ANSSI.
  • Mamoudou Sangare
    • Ph.D. 2022, on vehicular networks. Now ass. prof. at ECAM.
  • Nabila Djennane
    • Ph.D. 2021, on cloud resource allocation.
  • Mohammed Nafi,
    • Ph.D. 2021, on key management for IoT networks. Now assistant professor at Béjaia Univ., Algeria.
  • Alessio Diamanti,
    • Ph.D. 2021, on network automation. Now 5G expert at SWISSCOM.
  • Marianna Belotti,
    • Ph.D. 2021, on blockchain modeling. Now Analyst at European Central Bank.
  • Wesley Coelho,
    • Ph.D 2021, on 5G orchestration. Now senior researcher at 
  • Agathe Blaise,
    • PhD 2020, on anomaly detection. Now senior researcher at Thales.
  • Sarra Mehamel,
    • PhD 2020, on mobile edge computing. Now postdoc.
  • Paolo Zappalà,
    • predoc 2020, on blockchain network modeling. Now Ph.D. at Orange/UAvignon.
  • Francesca Fossati,
    • postdoc 2020, on 5G resource allocation. Now Ass. Professor at Sorbonne University.
  • Frédéric Lemoine,
    • PhD 2019, on self-healing IoT devices. Now permanent IT engineer at Cnam.
  • Youcef Ould-Yahia,
    • PhD 2019, on security models for data privacy in IoT systems.
  • Loic Perennou,
    • PhD 2019, on cloud load prediction. Now R&D engineer at Outscale
  • Nikola Bozic,
    • PhD 2019, on cloud orchestration security. Now Expert at Strategy&.
  • Amar Abane,
    • PhD 2019, on Named Data Networking for IoT. Now postdoc at NIST, USA. 

Former Members

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Ph.D. defence: Alessandro AIMI – September 19, 2023

Alessandro, Ph.D. student in collaboration with Orange, will defend his Ph.D. thesis on September 19, 2023, at 1.30 p.m, in the amphitheater Georges Friedmann at Cnam, 2 rue Conté, 75003. Alessandro worked on the integration of LoRaWAN in a network

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Ph.D. defence: Kiranpreet Kaur – September 19, 2023

Kiranpreet Kaur, Ph.D. student in collaboration with Orange, will defend her Ph.D. thesis on September 19, 2023, at 9.30 a.m, in the amphitheater Georges Friedmann at Cnam, 2 rue Conté, 75003. Kiran worked on traffic management in network functions decomposed

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Ph.D. defence: José Lopes Esteves – June 6, 2023

José Lopes Esteves will defend his Ph.D. thesis on June 6, 2023, at 2 p.m, in the Salle des Thèses “Boris Vian” (37.2.43) at Cnam, 2 rue Conté, 75003. To follow the defence online, please use the following link: José

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2023/2024 openings for PhD, postdoc and engineer positions

The ROC team hires 5 researchers – Ph.D. candidates, postdocs and/or engineers – in the topics below (detailed topic description in this PDF document). Topics Research environmentTeam: Networks and IoT Systems (ROC – Réseaux et Objets Connectés; )Computer Science and

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ROC Seminars – Feb. 20, 2023

Feb. 20, 2023, 14h-16h30 Amphi Gaston Planté, 2 rue conté, 75003 Paris Nous organisons un cycle de séminaires avec trois séminaires de Sofiene Jelassi, Patient Ntumba, José Lopez Esteves. Title QoE-aware AI-based resilient softwarized networks Speaker Sofiene Jelassi, IRISA, Rennes.

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New ROCkers Seminar – Jan. 23, 2023

The next ROC seminar will have these new ROC members presenting their forthcoming work: Victorien Romain: new PhD student with Orange, working on the decomposition of network and AI functions using serverless computing and micro-services. Victorien recently graduated from Centrale-Supelec.

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New faculty: Pedro Braconnot Velloso

The team is happy to announce the new associate professor of the team: Pedro Braconnot Velloso. Pedro holds a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and a Ph.D. from Sorbonne University. He then worked

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ROC interns seminar – April 12, 2022

Five master interns will present their research activity along with a Ph.D. student on April 12, 2022, 2-4 pm, in room 37.2.43, 2 rue conté, Paris. More details are below.For remote attendance, please write to nour-el-houda.yellas AT cnam DOT fr Rezak

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Associate Professor position

We have an open Associate Professor position for the ROC team, starting fall 2022. The teaching profile for this position is to primarily teach for our international master in Computer Networks and IoT Systems, in English. Nonetheless, a teaching service partly or

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Open Ph.D. and postdoc positions

The CNAM-CEDRIC Networks and IoT Systems research group hires between 3 and 4 Ph.D. candidates and/or postdoc in the following topics.  Master thesis/internship on these topics can also start with the possibility to continue in a PhD. Topics Low-Earth Orbit

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Lightening presentations by new ROCkers PhD students – Jan. 11, 2022

The ROC team recruits new PhD students this year. They will deliver lightening talks on Jan. 11, 2022, 2-4 pm remotely. For remote attendance, plus drop an email to nour-el-houda.yellas AT cnam DOT fr Their presentations are resumed below. Lydia

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Ph.D. defense: Alessio Diamanti – Dec. 21, 2021

Alessio Diamanti defends his Ph.D. thesis on Dec. 21, 2021, 13h30, in the Salle de Thèse at Cnam, 2 rue Conté. Alessio worked on an industrial Ph.D in collaboration with Orange Labs and proposed a new network automation architecture that

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Ph.D. defence: Marianna Belotti – Dec. 16, 2021

Marianna Belotti, industrial Ph.D. student in collaboration with the French public bank Caisse des Dépôt et Consignations (CDC), will defend her Ph.D. thesis on Dec. 16, 2021 at 4 pm, in the Cnam Paris Salle des Thèses “Boris Vian” (37.2.43).

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