Permanent staff

  1. Eric Gressier-Soudan. Professor.
  2. Françoise Sailhan. Associate Professor.
  3. Jean-Michel Douin. Associate Professor.
  4. Pierre Paradinas. Professor.
  5. Sami Taktak. Associate Professor.
  6. Samia Bouzefrane. Professor.
  7. Selma Boumerdassi.  Associate Professor, HDR.
  8. Stefano Secci, Professor. Head
  9. Stéphane Rovedakis. Associate Professor.
  10. Tatiana Aubonnet. Associate Professor. HDR


  1. Francesca Fossati, on 5G resource allocation algorithms.
  2. Chi-Dung Phung, on 5G experimental platforms.

Ph.D. candidates 

  1. Sarra Mehamel , on mobile edge computing.
  2. Alessio Diamanti  (CIFRE with Orange), on network automation.
  3. Mamoudou Sangare, on vehicular networks.
  4. Wesley Coelho  (with Orange), on 5G network orchestration.
  5. Marianna Belotti  (CIFRE with Caisse des Dépôts), on blockchain interconnection protocols.
  6. Valentin Bouquet (joint with OC team), on centrality in graphs.
  7. Julien Depaillat (joint with EESD team), on machine learning in embedded systems.
  8. Sebastien Rummelhardt (joint with EESD team), on cyberwar strategic modeling.
  9. Nour El Houda Yellas, on orchestration protocols in edge computing.
  10. Erwan Goareguer (CIFRE with Thales), on data-plane programmability.
  11. Wassim Berriche (CIFRE with SQUAD), on anomaly detection.

External co-advised Ph.D. candidates 

  1. Yifan Du (Inria), on mobile crowdsourcing.
  2. Agathe Blaise (LIP6/Thales), on anomaly detection.
  3. Mohamed Nafi (Univ. Bejaia), on IoT management.
  4. Ibtissem Zaatour (Univ. Gabès), on ad-hoc network routing.
  5. Davide Aureli (Univ. Rome I – La Sapienza), on traffic classification.
  6. Rahim Haiahem  (Univ. Manouba), on multimedia chiphering.
  7. Hamaciré El Hadj Kalil (ESMT), on vehicular network security.
  8. Ismail Haddad (Univ. Skikda), on IoT and vehicular networks for sensing

Master interns

  • 2019: Giulia Bissoli (POLIMI), Davide Aureli (Univ. Rome I – La Sapienza), Federico Lavatori (POLIMI), Jamal Ammouri (Cnam), Luong Vuong Son (Cnam), Said Haddoudi (Cnam), Maya Adjaz (Duaphine).

Associated members