We work on the following software projects, as either maintainers or contributors, as part of research or standardization activities, open-sourcing the whole or part of the code whenever possible.

ULOOF (User-Level Online Offloading Framework)
Framework allowing for automated recompilation of mobile Android applications to optimize their execution with computation offloading; methods that are classified as offloadable can be dynamically eecuted in nearby edge computing node depending on a machine learning approach working on latency, energy and CPU profiles.

HA-NFV (High Availability Network Function Virtualization) orchestration
NFV MANO algorithm and related orchestrator API able to pilot OpenStack to place Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) with various VNF protection strategies able to master availability guarantees in MEC infrastructures.

ONOS (Open Network Operating System) – Open Networking Foundation (ONF)
In the frame of the ONOS sec&perf brigade, we contribute to the enhancement of the ONOS SDN controller by analyzing its performance and security features, reporting them to community developers or fixing the code directly.
Brigade wiki page

NDN-OMNeT: NDN implementation in OMNET++
Named Data Networking (NDN) is a promising architecture investigated as an alternative for IP, in particular for  IoT environments.  NDN-OMNeT is a framework to simulate NDN wireless networks OMNeT++.  Designed for low-end devices and gateways in IoT environments, NDN-OMNeT is capable of simulating NDN scenarios at the boundary of the network and the system. It is currently used to evaluate NDN forwarding strategies in constrained wireless networks.
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