We coordinate and participate to teaching activities in networking, embedded and distributed systems in the following tracks:

A representation of the general planning of the Computer Networks and IoT Systems master is given by the below picture.

  • Networks, Systems and Multimedia (IRSM) engineering track (coordinated by the ROC team), and Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering track (co-coordinated by the ROC team), at Cnam Paris and Cnam Lebanon, and remotely via the Cnam network.
    • A representation of the engineering track teaching modules is given in the below picture. The courses managed by ROC are:
    • UTC505: introduction à la cyberstructure de l’Internet: réseaux et  sécurité.
    • RSX101: réseaux et protocoles pour l’Internet.
    • RSX102: technologies pour les applications en réseau.
    • RSX103: conception et urbanisation des services en réseau.
    • SMB137: systèmes d’exploitation: principes, programmation et virtualisation.
    • SMB111: systèmes et applications répartis pour le cloud.
    • SMB116: conception et développement pour systèmes mobiles.
    • RSX112: sécurité des réseaux.
    • RSX116: réseaux cellulaires et sans-fils.
    • SMB214: infrastructure technologique et nouveaux systèmes.
    • SMB215: infrastructure technologique et confiance.
    • RSX217: nouvelles architectures de réseaux
    • RSX218: projets avancés en réseaux.
  • Computer science bachelor (license en informatique) at Cnam Paris and Cnam China,
    • NFA003: principes et fonctionnement des systèmes d’exploitation.
    • NFA009: principles of communication networks. 
    • Many RSX1xx and SMB1xx 1st year engineering track courses are used for the bachalor level as well.
  • Master in Computer Science, Networking track, Sorbonne University
    • NEVA: Network Evolutions with Virtualization and Automation
  • Formation d’Ingénieur en Partenariat (FIP)
    • USSI0M: réseaux : connaissances de base
    • USSI0Y: algorithmes pour le cloud computing.
    • USSI0X: sécurité et réseaux.
    • USSI0W: systèmes d’exploitation avancés et virtualisation.

Description of networking teaching modules in the engineering tack at Cnam:


International Master on Networks & IoT Systems

The research group is launching the new international master titled “Computer Networks and IoT Systems”. The master has an up-to-date program covering cutting-edge technologies under adoption by the computing and telecommunication industry. ROC team members will teach in the master

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ROC high-end experimental lab

Thanks to a donation from Oxeva we could recently set up an extension of the computing and networking facility of the ROC team. We got new data-center-grade servers, among which two powerful high reliable Dell industrial chassis, and switches and

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