Two faculty permanent (tenured) civil-servant positions are available with the ROC team as possible hosting research group:

Moreover, untenured positions are also available:

  • Adjunct Associate Professor in Networking
    Maitre de Conférence Associé (PAST) en “Réseaux”
    Position description
    Part-time position for persons holding and keeping a main professional activity in the industry (authorisation from a company located in Europe required).
    3 year contract renewable for 9 years.
    The salary is half the salary of associate professors. More information on the type of position.
    The position has been postponed to 2025. Please write us to to express interest.

  • Assistant Professor in Computer Science.
    Assistant Temporaire Enseignement et Recherche (ATER).
    Same teaching volume as associate professors. Broadly opened to any area in teaching.
    More information on the type of position.
    1-year contract renewable for 2 years.
    Application details to be posted in April 2024 at this page.

Feel free to contact us at perm-roc AT cnam DOT fr to discuss about any of these positions.

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