Four new PhD students present their work on Jan. 9, 2024, 2 pm, in amphi Friedmann, 2 rue conté.

Killian Cressant

Thesis subject: anomaly detection in beyond-5G networks using enhanced federated learning.

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Killian Cressant, 24 y.o engineer from Telecom Nancy in computer science specialized in artificial intelligence and massive data. I made classe prepa in Chartres before. I like math, sports, the Lord of the ring and vikings, that’s why I went to erasmus at Trondheim in Norway…and also to do more AI in master.  I spent my last internship at Orange where I was already working on anomaly detection for 5G but with Quantum Machine Learning technics.

Mehdi Boudjelli

Thesis subject : Intent based service fulfilment and assurance in zero touch network management

Phd student in CNAM working on a CIFRE thesis in collaboration with Orange, I’m specialized in machine learning and data science. I hold a master degree in AI from Univ. Paris-Cité, as well as an engineering degree in computer science from ESI, Algeria.

BUIL Bastien

Thesis subject: On-Chip monitoring & security models for multi-tenant embedded systems.

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Bastien Buil is a first year Ph.D. student in computer science at CNAM and Orange Innovation Caen under the supervision of Samia Bouzefrane and Chrystel Gaber. He studied computer science and software engineering at the ENSICAEN engineering school, with a specialization in e-payment and cyber security. Additionally, he pursued a dual degree in IT security at the university of Caen.

Hussein Kazem

Thesis subject: Une approche générique pour le pentesting des applications blockchain

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Ingénieur sortant de l’université libanaise et majeur de promo du Master multimédia networking de l’université Paris Saclay, je suis actuellement on CDI/Cifre chez Sopra Steria I2S et je travail sur mon projet de thèse sur la blockchain. Je suis passionné de recherche et de mathématiques et je préfère beaucoup la théorie à l’application.

Seminars by new ROCkers – Jan. 9, 2024
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