The next ROC seminar will have these new ROC members presenting their forthcoming work:

Victorien Romain: new PhD student with Orange, working on the decomposition of network and AI functions using serverless computing and micro-services. Victorien recently graduated from Centrale-Supelec.

Naresh Modina: new postdoc working on network automation algorithms for closed-loop automation of beyond-5G networks. Naresh will present his postdoc project activity directions. Naresh recently obtained his Ph.D. from University of Avignon working on resource allocation in 5G systems.

Davide Raimondi: new platform engineer, who will support the team with the management of experimental platform and web services. Davide will present the list of activity he will conduct for the coming years. Davide recently obtained a bachelor in automatics engineering from Politecnico di Milano.

The seminars from new ROCkers are completed with a presentation from Augustin Clero on the setup of an experimental platform using SDN/NFV for emulated satellite communications.

New ROCkers Seminar – Jan. 23, 2023

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