Salary grids can be found at this Wikipedia page (in French) for Associate Professors, and at this page for Full Professor, valid for public institutions – there may be a disalignment of about 1-3% less based on regular grids updates. 

The starting level for Associate Professors is based on a career reconstruction done by HR taking into account previous experience as PhD candidate (typically 2-3 years of seniority recognised) and as postdoc in public institutions (every month of postdoc fully counts for determining the seniority level). Experience in the private sector also counts (fully or partly), based on HR assessment.

The starting level for Full professor is the one one step “echelon” higher from the previous position if in France at a public institution (as either associate or full professor). If coming from the private sector or abroad, if relevant experience for full professorship, it may be taken into consideration by HR to set up the starting level (by default the first one is applied).

Extra awards based on research and teaching activity can increase the base salary by roughly 30%, after one year, besides a 3% increase for Paris-based positions with respect to the reference salary grid, as explained in this page. These can increase the net salary by about 800€ net/month.

Moreover, 75% of public transportation subscription (around 50€/month) can be reimbursed.

Personnel with more than one kid can obtain from 100€ to 350€ net/month in addition.

Extra teaching hours can permit to reach on a voluntary basis up to 10000€ gross/year at Cnam.

Candidates not speaking French fluently can be admitted. Candidates not possessing a French Ph.D. degree can be dispensed from the requirement of having the national French qualification.

The national community in networks and distributed systems has published this useful webinar (in French) explaining how to prepare a French Associate Professor application.

Latest update on January 2024.

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