Pierre Paradinas will give a talk in the framework of the CNAM seminars: the adventure of inventions. Participants wishing to attend the talk are pleased to confirm their attendance by registering via this link.

Speaker: Pierre Paradinas

Title: The smart card, 50 years of history, from invention to disappearance?

Abstract: The talk will look at how we went from an invention to a revolution in the world of payments and telecommunications with the telecard (memory card) and the mobile phone card (microprocessor card). The latter has changed the way people interact with computer systems. Almost 100 billion cards have been produced since 2014! These cards – secure elements – are everywhere, in passports, identity cards, phones and computers. The latest developments involve changing the form factor – the card – to embed the chip directly in phones, but also sometimes by virtualising it in the cloud.

Bio: Pierre Paradinas is a professor at Cnam and holds the Chair of Embedded Systems. He is interested in human-centric embedded systems and trusted computing. He is currently one of the leaders of a group working on the creation of an IT museum in France.

Séminaire par Pierre Paradinas “La carte à puce, 50 ans d’histoire, de l’invention à la disparition ?” – Feb. 15, 2024

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