We organise the team seminars with the talks by newcomers in the team on June 10, 2024 at 2 pm. Seminar location: Amphi Friedman, 2 rue Conté, CNAM, Paris, France.

Speaker Farzad Veisi

Title: Multipath and Multi-Connectivity: Enhancing Routing Architectures for 5G and Beyond

Abstract: Abstract: The transition to 5G and the anticipation of 6G networks introduce unprecedented demands for high data rates, ultra-reliable communication, and low-latency transmissions, posing significant challenges for existing routing architectures. Fiber optics, traditionally used for high-capacity backhaul links, face limitations in cost and deployment flexibility. As an alternative, wireless Free Space Optics (FSO) offers comparable data rates but is susceptible to atmospheric turbulence, which compromises link reliability and availability. To mitigate these drawbacks, integrating FSO with Radio Frequency (RF) links in a hybrid approach is proposed, aiming to balance FSO’s high capacity with RF’s robustness against atmospheric challenges. This hybrid model could potentially revolutionize routing in next-generation network base stations (gNBs); however, it necessitates comprehensive research to verify its reliability and compatibility within emerging 5G and 6G frameworks. This study aims to outline the integration challenges and evaluate the feasibility of hybrid FSO/RF systems to meet the rigorous demands of future telecommunications infrastructure

Speaker Julio Cezar

Title: State of the art on hardware-based accelleration of network and service functions

Bio: Julio C. Pérez-García received his B.E. degree in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering in 2015 and his M.Sc. degree in Telematics in 2019, both from the University of Central Las Villas (UCLV) in Cuba. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Avignon University in 2024. Currently, he is a postdoctoral researcher with the ROC (Réseaux et Objets Connectés / Networks and IoT Systems) team at the CEDRIC (Center for Studies and Research in Computer Science and Communication) laboratory at CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers) in France. His research interests encompass distributed technologies, network optimization, and the development of advanced security and privacy protocols

Speaker Flavien Dermigny

Title: Managing trust in 5G bubbles using zero knowledge proof mechanisms

Speaker Billel Hakem

Title: Predictive Maintenance for Connected Vehicles

Speaker Ramzi REZKI

Title: GNN-based Attack Detection for Cyber Physical Systems.

Bio: Ramzi is a state engineer in computer science specializing in intelligent systems and data, with a master’s degree in academic research from the higher national school of computer science Algeria.

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