HDR thesis  “Developing Robust IoT to monitor smart spaces at scale”,  

January 14th at 5 p.m.  

The Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a new distributed, self-healing and large-scale architecture composed of a variety of objects that measure and affect their environment. This mixture of sensing and actuating capabilities holds a great promise as an enabler of a wide spectrum of applications, e.g., environmental monitoring, smart space (building surveillance and ecology-friendly control). As the range of IoT applications extends to the fields of industrial and mission-critical systems, additional assurance requirements related to accuracy, reliability and security must be considered. In response to this need, the research I have been carrying is focused on conceiving and developing a robust (mobile) IoT, which involves: (i) detecting intrusion so as to support a secure IoT, (ii) enhancing the observation quality though calibration, (iii) supporting accurate and resource-efficient sensing and actuating capabilities at urban scale, and (iv) providing efficient and reliable communication among the things/users, across heterogeneous and volatile networks, spanning the edge up to the cloud. 

Jury will be composed of:

  • BOURGEOIS Julien, Pr., Université de Franche Comté.
  •  CLARKE Siobhán, Pr., Trinity College Dublin.
  • ISSARNY Valérie, Dr., Inria-Paris.
  • MITTON Nathalie, Dr. Inria-Lilles.
  • VENKATASUBRAMANIAN Nalini, Pr., University of California.
  • ZEITOUNI Karine, Pr., Université Paris-Saclay.

Please contact F. Sailhan to join the online defence.

Soutenance de HDR – Françoise Sailhan, Jan. 14, 2021
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