The seminar will be on the Cnam ENT, on July 8, 2020 – 15h-16h. If interested in joining, please drop an email to: seccis AT cnam DOT fr.

Speaker: Mohamed Nafi

A new key management approach for securing communications in IoT networks


The heterogeneous devices that make up an Internet of Things (IoT) network are interconnected and have the ability to communicate with each other and with their environment. Sometimes these devices need to communicate securely by exchanging sensitive data. However, securing such communications is difficult essentially due to the inherent features of the system, namely (1) the vulnerability of wireless communications, (2) heterogeneity in terms of resources (memory, communication, computation and energy), (3) high resource constraints, (4) dynamic topology, etc. Several approaches have been proposed in the literature to deal with key management in a dynamic network. However, in some protocols, sensitive parameters, like identifiers, are still sent in plain text, which may be exploited by an adversary to launch attacks. In this seminar, I will present our new key management scheme for Iot networks, which aims to correct the aforementioned shortcomings of some existing solutions. The proposed system is flexible and resilient to many kinds of attacks, such as eavesdropping, node capture, man-in-the-middle, replay, backward and forward secrecy. The formal analysis of the proposed protocol has been
performed using BAN logic. The performance analysis shows that this scheme significantly reduces the storage and communication overheads as well as the energy consumption at constrained nodes side.


Mohammed Nafi is currently a PhD student at university of Bejaia (Algeria), and a visiting PhD student at Cnam, under the supervision of Samia Bouzefrane (Cnam) and Omar Mawloud (IRT SystemX). The topic of his PhD thesis is ‘Security based on virtual topologies in dynamic networks’. He received his Magister degree in Networks and Distributed Systems from the University of Bejaia in 2010. His current research focuses on security in dynamic networks, including Ad hoc networks, vehicular networks, wireless sensor networks and Internet of Things (IoT).

e-seminar: Mohamed Nafi on IoT security – July 8, 2020
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